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Project: Nya Mobilbanken
Category: Financial services and
Client: Swedbank
Team: Greg Henriques, Michael Berlin, Patrick O’Neill, Karima Saad, Micael Forsberg, Indir Topcagic

Chris Bangle @ TED talking about teamwork and relationship between designers and developers. Talk worth spreading!

Indir Topcagic is our designer par excellence. He likes sugar, loves music and dislikes people who doesn’t like Instagram. He also paints

The new Arenastaden.se is live.
Fully responsive.

Swedbank approached LBi to create the next generation of online banking. Focusing on speed, simplicity and user experience we were asked to design a new mobile experience and create a long term visual platform for digital channels based on their newly developed brand design.

GIF-iti: Street Art You Can See Only Online

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Swedbanks new mobile bank in pixel perfection…

Oh yes! We have new Art director! …and yes he is funny! Welcome Thomas Krajewski!

Testing, testing…